I am a graphic designer and marketer with over 10 years industry experience in Print Production, Web Marketing Graphics, Branding/Identity, Event Marketing, Mobile Marketing, Grand-Format Graphics and PrePress/Production, Screen Printing Design/Prepress, as well as having vendors for production.


I'm a graphic designer marketing machine with a very rich background. I began as a designer for a grand-format printer, Georgia Printco, in South Georgia where I made a name for myself and grew from production artist into Web Marketing Director within a few years of college. This foundation gave me experience in prepress, grand-format design and later the beginnings of a marketing career. As Web Marketing Director, I learned about analysis, strategy, application and also the basics of multi-media marketing through the process of conceptualizing, creating, and producing all our marketing collateral both digital and print.  


After absorbing what I could in that industry, I made my way to Savannah, where I learned the ins & outs of screen printing with Celebritees and my career growth blossomed when I accepted their Art Director position, managing multiple artists and working as a team with our various departments. After a vacation to Virginia Beach, I fell in love and chose to hire a replacement so I could move to Hampton Roads.

Now I consider Hampton Roads home. I initially I spent 2010-2013 working remotely for Celebritees in Savannah as well as making a name for myself as a freelancer. Then I was honored to spend a few years working full-time with the nonprofit, United Way of South Hampton Roads, as their Graphic Designer and Marketing Manager where I handled all creative design and assist with marketing strategy and implementation.


After getting married I made the transition from United Way to my first design agency, the Parari Group. As their Senior Graphic Designer and Marketing Coordinator, I manage multi-media design and inbound marketing as a certified HubSpot partner. Taking a lead role with corporate PR, I handle brand management and create both the marketing strategy as well as the visual components of said strategy, blending content and visuals to communicate an effective message to reach structured goals. This includes content structure, tailored design, implementation/production and delivery of print and multi-media marketing productions and campaigns both on and off the web. 

As a professional creative, I find its imperative to be structured, but flexible for growth and to embrace life. I love freelance projects so if you are ready to get creative, then drop me a line and lets get started! I love what I do and I look forward to whatever project is around the bend :)


kristi dazevedo